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    Each team member has over a decade of telecom experience.

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    We work with over 40 telecom carriers nationwide to provide the best solutions.

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    We Can Provide Simple or Enterprise Level Communication Solutions.

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OnCall TelecomBenefits

  • On Your Team, But Not Your Payroll. There is never any cost to our clients for our services. The OnCall Telecom staff works side by side with our clients to design, implement, and provide ongoing support for their telecommunications solutions; however, all compensation to OnCall Telecom is provided by the contracted vendors.
  • Multiple Vendor Solutions. Having agency relationships with over 40 vendors around the country allows OnCall Telecom to create multi-vendor solutions for our clients. These solutions combine the technologies that best fit the specific needs of our client and create an additional level of redundancy in their communication network.
  • Industry Expertise, Not Just Single Vendor Expertise. Unlike working directly with single vendors, OnCall Telecom’s agency relationships with regional, national, and international telecommunications carriers provides our clients with a single point of contact to discuss and compare new technologies and solutions regardless of the underlying vendor.
  • With You From Design To Contract Expiration. OnCall Telecom’s team of industry experts not only work with our clients during the design and implementation phases, but also provide our clients an additional layer of support throughout the contract period.


  • Voice

  • Data

  • Conferencing

  • OnCall Telecom provides voice solutions for business of all sizes through a wide range of telecom products.
    Business Lines Long Distance SIP Trunking Services T1s PRIs VoIP Hosted PBX Mobility/Wireless Contact Center Integrated Bundles

  • OnCall Telecom data solutions encompass a wide range of services for small, mid-size and enterprise business customers.
    Integrated Business Bundles (voice and data services) Hosted VoIP and Data Services MPLS, VPN and VLAN Managed Network Security Private Line Point-to-Point Connectivity
    Wireless Data Backup Cable Internet Data T1, DS3, Ethernet, Gigabit International WAN, MPLS, DIA, VPLS Data Center Colocation Services Cloud Security Remote Data Backup
    Disaster Recovery

  • Move your meetings online. Our suite of web conferencing solutions combines audio, video and web features for a truly interactive meeting experience. The following products seamlessly integrate to provide crystal-clear conference calling for simple web meetings that let you easily present, share and collaborate online.
    Web Meetings Conference Calling Video Conferencing Hosted Events Virtual Events

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